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Bear Repellents. An Animal Repellent You May Not Be Able To Live Without!

 Everyone should experience some time in the great outdoors. From camping to hiking it's all great exercise and the fresh air is a great way to escape from the city. It's an ideal way to bond with family and friends.

A lot of camping areas recommend that you not visit unless you have some specifics such as bug repellent and in many instances, bear spray. Spring is the time that bears come out of hibernation and they have little on their minds except their first big meal. Bear repellent works much like mace or pepper spray works on a human. It is made from peppers and it burns the eyes, mucous membranes and can cause irritation on the skin. The eyes will also begin to swell and it can temporarily blind the animal as well. While this may sound inhumane, it's important to note that your being eaten could also sound inhumane. The spray has no long term effects on the bear and it will wear off quickly and possibly save your life. A firearm would be a much more permanent solution and if you only slightly maim the animal it could have a worse outcome as an angry injured bear can do a lot of damage to a human.

Guard Alaska bear spray is the safest, most effective method to rid yourself and your camp area of a troublesome bear. It won't adversely affect the ozone layer and it's easy to learn how to use and how to carry.

So next time you venture out into the wilderness, consider what you need as you're packing. Pack your bug spray, your bear spray and remember to keep it with you while you're hiking and camping, a hungry bear isn't going to take time to ask you where you're storing your cooler, he's simply going to go for what appears to be an easy snack. Avoid being that snack by having your bear spray at the ready at all times. Teach everyone in your camping group how to use it and ensure that everyone has their bear spray on hand at all times.

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